PDF Link 1.10

PDF Link 1.10: apply text with external web links, removing, creating, changing and reporting link test.pdf out-add-link.pdf -text "link text here" -link "" -pos10,10 -size20 (would add a link, bottom left) e.g. pdflink out-add-link.pdf out-add-change.pdf -change -textlink "adobe systems" -newlink "" (would change any current links with text `adobe systems` to new link) e.g. pdflink out-add-link.pdf out-add-change-part.pdf -changepart -link "" -newlink ".adobesys.

LinkAssistant Enterprise SEO Tool 3.17.4: Squeeze quality link juice with LinkAssistant - feature-rich link building tool
LinkAssistant Enterprise SEO Tool 3.17.4

Why did 12,000 webmasters choose LinkAssistant tool? Because it`s proven ideal for quality link building: quickly find valuable link partners + build links for an unlimited number of sites. LinkAssistant is loaded with features yet is very simple in use. Find and email link prospects, check if your partners are truly linking back, create link directories, and get progress reports with expert SEO tips. Build links with ease - try LinkAssistant.

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External Link Promotion 2.21: Easy powerful web link popularity & google pagerank boost tool.
External Link Promotion 2.21

links: Easy to find thousands of potential links as you like. 3) Quality- higher PageRank links: Easy to view the PageRank score of all the prospective links. Easy to find high-quality cool link partners with top google page rank. Easy to exchange link with cool web links and ignore the links with low PageRank score. Save your time and improve the efficiency. 4) Relevant- more effective links: The links are not equal. The best links are "relevant

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Link Melon 2.0

links per link file. A unique link file system allows for changes in your website without changing your web page code, and potentially the look of your page. Link Melon also has an HTML creator that creates a static link page that is W3C compliant. Link Melon has 3 levels of service. Link Melon trial allows users to manage up to 10 links in each control file. Link Melon standard allows users to use up to 100 links in each control file. Link Melon

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007 Link Exchange Easy 3.11: Link exchange software to improve link popularity and google pagerank.
007 Link Exchange Easy 3.11

links. Easy to find high-quality cool reciprocal link partners with top link popularity and google page rank. Easy to exchange link with cool web links and ignore the links with low PageRank score. Save your time and improve the efficiency. 6) Relevant: The links are not equal. The best links are "relevant" links from web pages related to your keyword or topic. Using Link Exchange Easy, you can easy to find reciprocal links that relate to any keywords

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Fast Link Checker An advanced tool to find broken links on web sites.
Fast Link Checker

link appears on the site. Fast Link Checker provides variety of report types, including export links in html, Excel and text formats, export links as they appear in the broken link section of the program, export links in table view with customizable columns and sorting. Filtering allows exporting only selected types of links, for example, only links that report certain error can be exported. Also Fast Link Checker can generate and export a Site Map

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Sv LinkAssistant 1: LinkAssistant SEO tool - the most effective SEO software.
Sv LinkAssistant 1

LinkAssistant has the power to escalate profitability of even most successful link building campaigns. A successful linking campaign depends on two cornerstones: the overall number of links you have, and the quality of each particular link. LinkAssistant is your dead-simple way to be brilliant at both. It will come bursting with piles of outstanding high-PageRank link partners eager to put a link to you. And each link will be of exceptional quality

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